I Want To Live Because I Want To Be Loved By You

I want to live because love is to live and I want to live with your love, please help me live so I can love you more.

I want to live because love is to live and I want to live with your love, please help me live so I can love you more.

When we fall in love and love someone, we only follow what our heart says right. Whatever question we had in mind is just to follow soon, oftentimes forgotten because of too much power of love. That is the time complication/s begins or start appearing. No, the one I am referring is not committed, very much available, certified bachelor not to mention the looks (^_^). But kidding aside, physical looks is where the attraction

starts admit it guys, it do matters most of the time. So, that’s what I am talking about now. Once we feel the attraction, the pulse, the love and acknowledgment- love begins like a magnet.

You love someone who is dying, fine if you know that from the start, but what if you only came to know just lately. What will you do? Whom would you blame for not knowing the person before you indulge yourself into loving? Can you blame the one you love for not telling you his condition from the start? He might love you more that he is too afraid to lose you once you will come to know that

he is about to die soon. He only wants to spend his remaining life loving you, being with you and feel happiness before he goes. I know this may sound unfair, but can you blame him? Would you go scream to his face “how dare you to love me only to leave me soon” can you say that?

Before you blame anyone or yourself, ask yourself first, “are you not happy when you are with him?” Then, that’s the answer, why waste the short time for blaming and screaming. Instead, why not spend the rest of it loving each other. Let it be, never give space for sadness while he is still around. You have a lot of time to cry, regret if you want once he is gone. Right now, the best thing to do is love each other. You have started loving him, and then love him until his last breath. If you believe in miracle, who knows it might happen to you. If not, still you can tell yourself, you love someone, made him live with your love and make his dying life worth living for.

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