The Magic Of Music

Music is magic in so many ways. Music can make you dance, music can make you cry, music can make you smile, music can make your frown and music can put you into sleep.

Music can make you dance even if you do not know the steps. The beat alone can make you tap your feet, jump, and rock and roll on the floor. Just follow the beat, swing your hips and bang your head to throw the stress. Fast beat is good when you are too lazy, it helps you to wake your sleepy blood and feel the heat. Rock

is a bit hard, but nice when you are down, salsa is the best to ignite the night. Do not forget the lambada to keep you alive or reggae when you feel like dirty dancing is too much. Music is magic for people who think they cannot do the moves due to old age, just swing your arms and that is fine to do the rounds.

 Love songs make the young at hearts emotional and sentimental. They love to listen to love songs, ballad, mellow touch and then cry. Aw, they are not insane, the music only sprinkle the magic of love and touch their broken hearts

with pain. Love songs can fill a hallow heart with gladness of undefined emotions and gives a confused mind a conclusion. Mellow and sweet music sympathize a broken heart. It can either heal a mourning heart or bury a hopeless romantic dreamer. It can reunite two desperate lovers; it can seal unfulfilled promises and solve many love problems. Nevertheless, why love songs, oh love songs, why make people cry with your goodbyes.

Instrumental music is a good therapy for troubled and puzzled mind. Piano or harp soothes a weary heart and best when you are feeling down or alone. Music is magic for every soul that forgot the melody of love. Music binds lost spirit with wandering dreams and illusions. Music can make you feel high, make you feel low, make you inspired, make you alive and make you listen to yourself. For some reason, music is magic with spellbound tunes that trance every listener’s heart, mind and soul in their most elusive isolation. Music magic works depends on how individual appreciates music in their lives.


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