Am I A Fool Who Is In Love With You

They say, mentally ill people are better than fools are since there is a hospital where they can be confined, treated and hope for a cure; while there is no drug to prescribe for someone who is a fool.

Another question about love is when an intelligent, known to be a smart one becomes a fool in the name of love. Are they really fool or they are blinded with too much love and adoration to someone they cared a lot. We may laugh at them, judge them or even mocked, but, who are we to do so? It is their

way of showing love and they never wish to look or act like a fool either, they just do not know how to show their love the better way for other people to judge. Yes, they never care what other people might think, what they care for is, the only person they love much. How they can make their beloved happy at all times. Therefore, who are we to judge such overwhelming love from their hearts?

I admit, I am also one of those fools who is in love and never care

how do I look like. I never care how people judge me for loving someone. I don’t care what other people say or the society, for all I care is I am in love. You can also mock or laugh at me, for all I care. I just want to ask you one question “do you know the real essence of love”. If you do, then why laugh at me, why laugh at them who acted like fools. No one is a fool when it comes to love; the one whom they love made them that way. Do not judge them or me, we only love someone and wants to prove that love in our own special way. You will fully understand about it once you are in love and the one you love will make you a fool of yourself.

Anyway, love has nothing to do with making people a fool, or hurting us. The people whom we love made us one, or hurt us- and not love.

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