Rejection- How To Deal With It?

I want to pour out feelings and empty my heart from emotions tonight. I want to wake up tomorrow with emptiness; it might help me understand what you have done yesterday.

I don’t know what to say,
Yesterday you hurt me so badly.
I ignored the feeling of rejection,
No matter how it hurts me so.
Because my heart say’s I love you.


Again, today you did the same thing.
Never replied to my messages and

Are you tired, do you want some space to breathe in?
Want a break for three months or so,
If that is your wish, shall I grant you or no?


Tomorrow I do not know,
I know you will be there as I am here.
Will I wake up with tears saying good morning my heart?
Shall I hope for a surprise from you my

dearest love?
Coz,I have faith my destiny bestowed upon you and that is true.


Trust and faith is not the same. Once your lover cheated you, betrayed you, or did something wrong and you lost your trust, your relationship will have a rocky road ahead. And if you believed in him/her, with total faith and surrender, giving him/her another chance is not too hard to convey. Love is mysterious in so many ways that only true love knows how to define the real meaning of it.

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