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Have you written a love letter? Did you receive one? I know the feeling; I can still remember how my cheeks turn red when blood rushed in due to excitement, nervousness and fear. Fears, yes, fear that someone might saw it and will tease me in front of my friends.

It’s been a long time since I have written a love letter. Not my own love letter, but a friend, classmates, common friends who ask me to wrote one for few cents per page. Oh yeah, don’t look at me that way, what can I do if those friends are not

sentimental fool as I am. Yes, they say sentimental fools are romantic lovers and romantic lovers are expressive. Therefore, sentimental fools can write sweet nothings effectively. Do you write your own love letter, or you let someone to write it for you? How about copying from others love letter, but be careful you might copy the name too (laughs).

I cannot recall how many love letters I have written during my teen years. As far as I know, I started writing love letters when I am 13 years old. Again, it is not my own love letter, I wrote love letters for sale. Why love letters for sale?

Well, I am draining my deepest emotion to construct each sentence so I guess I deserve some refreshment huh. It sounds odd maybe, but yes, this is true. The funny thing is, most of those guys who pays me for writing love letters, give those love letters to girls that I personally knew. Imagine those girls giggling while reading those sweet notes, without knowing those words are not extracted from the deepest chamber of the sender’s heart.

So, when I received my first love letter I admit I feel the blood rushed in and I know my cheeks turn red. However, the excitement suddenly disappears when the thought of love letter for sale comes to my mind. How will I know if the love letter I am reading comes from the inner most feeling of the sender or from someone who is also writing love letters for sale? Funny, but who knows if I am also a victim of my own style and someone out there is smiling silently like I do each time I saw my friends giggles while reading my love letters for sale.

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