Once There Was A Love

Two people in love with each other with one hope and dream. Sharing same faith and belief that love will find a way.

So much to say when it comes to love, again I am not an expert and not a love guru either. Love is the most sensational topic ever since the existence of man. Defined by individual according to their experience, it might be sad, happy, successful and few tragic one. My heart goes to the faithful ones who’s kind of love is surprisingly profound and divine.

I want to cite the situation of Romeo and Juliet, their love is

undeniable romantic. I never agree with suicide, but who am I to judge them, who am I to say what is right when things went wrong. Their love is not a fairy tale to come true, rather ended in

tragedy and persecution. Life seems so cruel and never gives their love a chance to prosper, so they choose death full of hope and faith they will find happiness beyond their graves.

How many lovers faced same fate like Romeo and Juliet? How many lovers died with same faith and hope that death is the only way for their love to attain freedom. But, why death? Why they choose death, is there no other way to make their love come true? Is faith and hope comes into realization beyond graves of tragic endings? I am also one of those who believe that when you love someone, you must have faith to that someone, with hope that love will find a way.

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