Who Says That Promises Are Made To Be Broken?

Who says that promises are made to be broken? I will prove you are wrong. Promises made by a pure heart are blessed by heavens.

On the last night of my sister in laws wake, more relatives came from province to attend the burial on the next day. The usual greetings and non-stop conversation takes place that the sleepiness has no place and time to interrupt. Then I’ve learned from one common friend that one of my childhood friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was stunned and speechless.

Dianne and Rain are one of my good friends since

childhood and they are childhood sweethearts. They are both 11 years old when their young hearts fall in love and they vowed a promise to marry when the right time comes. I never witnessed their relationship grows as I transferred to a different place after we graduated from elementary. After 14

years they get married, I was there and witnessed an oath of love I can say made in heaven.

Knowing Dianne’s situation gives me shiver and sadness I just can’t express. She’s diagnosed with a brain tumor and will undergo treatment that never offers a cure. Their love survived from many trials since childhood. Yes, imagine a tender heart at the age of 11 who struggle to nurture love and make their young love fulfilled. How much time do they have to share for a love so true and divine? I am sure the vow they utter on their wedding day “till death do us part” will soon come to reality. Then, another promise will be said and done “till life after death do us part”.

Article Written By juny

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