Love That Never Comes Our Way

Waiting for the love that never comes your way is worthless. Why not try the next road; you may bump true love waiting for you and me.


Down the highway of dreams
Someone is waiting for a love
A love that seems so wild
Across the side walk of goodbye


A heart slowly drifting day to day
Looking for a love that never come this way
Are you lost before it begins?
Who could tell if

you are lonely too


One more look before turning away
Maybe love comes the other way
Dream it is never that far, and
Miracles come true because you know it’s with you


Find life when everything’s went wrong
Believed there is nothing to miss
Love still exist in the world tonight
Coming from a far with



Let’s fall in love before falling apart
Maybe love begin for you and me
The moment that we touch, maybe
We will knew that there would be


You are mine and I am yours
And finally something wrong went right
When love never comes our way
Our hearts find the other road where love stay


6:05am Tuesday



Article Written By juny

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