Love Is Meaningless Without Pain

When there is love in your heart, be prepared for pain, hurt and suffering sponsored by love. Love would be meaningless without pain, because in pain, we realize who deserves true love and who deserves to be eliminated in our lives.

Love is not always a bed of roses, whether it is romantic love, friendship or our own family. In ever relationship when there is love, there is pain, hurt and suffering caused by trials. Love is nothing without trials either, we cannot determine how strong the foundation through happiness alone. Tears are not merely for sorrow, but also mean happiness.

Therefore, love does not always mean holding the one we love, but sometimes letting go is the greatest way of defining love.

Even the strongest family ties breaks once love face a great trial. A perfect marriage might turn into illusion once stricken with misunderstanding. A friendship bond can be untied when love triangle intervene.

A brotherhood or sisterhood’s blood compact is not sufficient once betrayal enter in the heart of anyone. Love is divine that should stay pure in the heart of everyone who made promises and raised a hand for oath. However, love is meaningful after surviving storms and stays intact after shaken by difficulties through fire.

Love is meaningless without pain, love is nothing without misery and love is worthless without any effort of making it stay. Pain makes a heart fully understand how selfless a love should be. Suffering makes someone realize that love is unconditional. Rejection will teach a person to see the value of loving his or herself first. Trials are not to destroy any relationship but to build a strong foundation of love. Love is meaningless without tears, because tears will wash away any remnants of doubts.

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