Love Is The Meaning Of

Love is not like any object that can be posses or an asset that anyone can claim. So never regret for a lost love, be thankful that one day in your life you are given the chance to hold it tight.


Love is not an object to possess. Love is not an asset to claim. Love is free. Love is for everyone, to share and celebrate. Rejoice when you feel love and give others the chance to enjoy love. Not everyone has got the chance to meet love. Half the world doesn’t know what is love and half the world knows

different kinds of love. So don’t be selfish, share love whenever meet someone who doesn’t know the real essence of love. Let the whole world understand that love has all the answers for every why.


Love hurts they say and it’s not the meaning of love. How could love

hurt anyone, when love doesn’t know what is tears? Love is bitter but love doesn’t know any taste at all. Love is sorrow but love doesn’t know how to cry. Love is unfair but love doesn’t know what is wrong and what is right. Love is letting go, yes love must go because love is free. Love shall not stay with tears, bitterness and pain. Therefore, love must go and set free to find someone who knows better the meaning of it. That is loves intention, to give everyone’s life a reason to live.



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