Love Is A Learning Process

Love comes when you keep your heart believing that the right will come along. When one closes a door, wait for the other doors to open and never closes your heart so love comes in.


So you have been betrayed before and that gives you the reason to close your heart for another chance or any possibilities for another love? Keep believing that when a door closes, another door will open for you. Never give up when you still want to try and you know you can still take it. Love comes to those who keep holding on after a disappointment.

Love comes to those who believe after being betrayed because love has no space for hatred and anger. A hopeful dreamer never quits in the middle, but a believer never sets a
foot behind.


When you love someone remember that you are giving it for free therefore never expect something in return. Allow it to grow in their hearts and if it doesn’t be thankful that it grows in yours. Sometimes we met wrong people in our lives to make us realize the value of the right person. Love is never wrong but we made wrong choices. Never stop believing because love never stops giving you choices. Love is a learning process so everyone who made mistakes must learn from it and should avoid the wrong steps.




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