Love Is All The Reason That I Know

Love is the reason why one must go and love is also the reason why one shall stay. Love is all the reason that I know why a wise man doesn’t know where to go.


Tell me it’s not difficult to say
That you imagine me in every wildest dream you play
But sometimes I just don’t know
That we’re still strangers who don’t even know
What we are and who we are living one home



I am walking here beside you on a hill
We have so much in common, something to share
I just can’t believe your heart implies I am not there
It means love is the reason why I must go
Or love shall be the reason for me to stay with you


We have differences we have surprises
A wiser man you grow a foolish lady

I stood before you
Sometimes we drift apart like strangers all alone
While I am lying in your arms with folded arms
Embracing each other tight through the coldest night


I think there’s emptiness missing a broken link
Denying what I longed for so oftentimes it changed
Love is all I ever hope there’s no one to blame
Things that means so much, true love still prevail
Love is all the reason, I know it’s always will


2:42am Monday



Article Written By juny

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