Love For All Ages And Seasons

Love is not all about age and age is not for love. Love is like a season, unpredictable and uncontrollable.


The love of a child is sweet like a flower that blooms in May.
The innocent smile fills every heart with melody, like a bird singing on summer’s day.
The love of an adult is full of curiosity like those waves in the sea during a high tide season.
It kills the innocence once imagination goes beyond shadows of illusion, like a hurricane leaving

its path with devastation.


The love of a matured person may be true somehow like the ticking of the clock sets either late or advance by purpose.
It may lead to a happy ending story if two faithful hearts tied each other with bond of perfection.
It can also lead to destruction like a typhoon whipped with rains and thunderstorms.


The love of an older person is serious like a bullet train fast with accuracy.
Like a butterfly fragile

but pretty, like a honey sweet, harvested with difficulty.
Like a rain in the summer that seldom comes to gives comfort and cherry.


The love of a widow is dangerous and playful, like a wind from every direction.
That likely to turn into a tornado, or an earthquake that will shake your whole life with regrets and rejection.
Be careful not to make mistake, or else you will find yourself in the mountain of mourn and sorrow.


Love is for all ages, love is for everyone.
Love is not about age and love is not to regret.
Choose the right one, choose the right love.
Choose someone not by age but by heart.




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