We Are Not Condemned To Live With The Past

Looking back over the years, those happy and sad memories never mean I miss you and I want you back in my life.

Looking back over the years, those happy and sad memories never mean I miss you and I want you back in my life.

Looking back or reminiscing about the past does not mean you want someone to come back. There are so many things in the past, worth remembering aint? Our childhood memories, the days when we are carefree and enjoyed playing when it rains. Those teenage years of crushes, admiration, first love, first kiss and first date. So much of those happy days to flourish and make our lonely moment cheers with laughter. Happy days of experimenting what is life

without direction and no goal to achieve, and dare to know what life is when you know nothing at all. How many years have gone by, do you have memories in the past worth digging for?

We are not condemned to live with the past, looking back is not reviving unwanted sadness to flow and fill the memory lane. And even gravest experience is worth remembering, to learn something and avoid committing same mistake. Regrets has no space with the present situation, rather pick up what you think is worth learning for and

starts throwing hatred, empty your heart with anger. Cry when you feel like crying, laugh with funny moments, no more anguish, no more pains. It is better that way, keeping memories of the past no matter how sad or bad it was, with no bitterness in our hearts.

Past is like a mirror reflecting the future with reflection of scenes we need/must/should avoid to do over again. It is like directing a movie that after it was shown, we are our own critic and we know which part needs revision, modification and improvement for perfection. A diary to read where we can erase some mistakes and tore few pages when too much erasure made it looks untidy to display. It can also be like an album where we can throw faded photographs with unrecognized faces and burn to ashes without any trace. Past is like a book no matter how beautiful the content is. No one feel the interest to read once there is no cover title with torn pages and faded letters.

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