The Longest Night I Ever Had

You are the sweetest dream I ever had. You came unexpectedly one night and left me with a smile before the sunrise.

I admit I was a bit disappointed when you missed to call me last Wednesday at 1pm. I started to get worried when the clock strikes five in the afternoon. I wanted to cry upon seeing the sun started to fade from the sky and I burst into doubts when finally the clock says it is already eight in the evening. Feeling my heart would be broken together with your image on that day 3rd of April 2013.

I lay

down to bed dismayed and halfhearted withholding the tears of disbelief. Where are you my dear, why not a single word ever relay to comfort my dying ember? Then I closed my eyes trying not to lose any little ray of hope from this promise of love you engulfed my heart. Had I fallen into sleep with bitterness that I could almost taste, I do not know how.

The night is getting dark as gloomy around my eyes, but my

spirit never gave up waiting for your soul searching mine. I heard the text message tone and absent-mindedly I picked up my phone. My heart leaps with too much surprise upon reading your message “honey I am home”. If this is just a dream, I wish the night stood still and let this fantasy befell on me.

The touch of your hand says I am wrong, that I was not dreaming at all. Your warm embrace catches me as I fall and your kisses bring me to reality from where I almost left those tears of gladness. Your breath tells me to hold you until this sanity comes back to light. Helplessly in your chest, I lay my head listening your heartbeat content my wish, for at last your image appear for me to grasp on this longest night I ever had.


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