Life Is Not A Jail

We often blame life, situations and even the one we love for our grief. Inasmuch as you keep blaming the others, the more you are trying to cover the truth. If there is one person to take responsibility of what is happening in your life, there is no one, but You. And that truth is screaming right in your face.

At what point in your life have you ever felt that you were caught a prisoner of circumstances? And, in what situation made you think you are confined to dwell on it for the rest of your life? If , in any case you were caught between life and death that forced you to do things against your will, that's an absolute excuse. But, as long as you are capable of doing something and yet, you never did anything maybe then, you don't have the right to blame your fate. Your fate is in your hand, even death is sweeter

if you believe to choose freedom than misery.All though there were instances wherein, even death is not enough cure to salvation.

Our greatest enemy is our own selves.
We are afraid of many things in front of us, but things that are not seen cease to give us the true meaning of fear. What we had seen in the past oftentimes become a window of what we foresee about the future.A certain experience,or a dearest one's unfortunate life seems like a mirror showing our own reflection. It shouldn't be that way, because our individual life never depend on someone else’s. Not even the past shall be considered a blueprint of what's ahead of us.Your father's failure is not yours to change,neither your mother's, or your brother's and your sister's mistake is yours to redeem. Life is never meant to be that way.

The past will always be a shadow and a part of our tomorrow.
Yes, a shadow to remind us of many things. Things that we should not follow and things that we need to look back. A reference

to guide and a lesson to learn.Follow the good rules and carefully check every steps where fallen dreams are left behind. Our success may not be completely depend from it, but, committing the same mistake may bury us from the dark corners of our past. Be guided that, reminiscing those happiest moment can also be painful, and that is one of the most regretful truth.

Your personal choice is yours to blame.
Happiness is not hard to find, it's just that, some people keep searching too far. Far from the reality but nearer than the madness. Be ready to deal with the consequences of your own deed and be responsible for every decision that you make. Being smart doesn't always mean you are a wise person. Because, a smart person may easily learn, but a wise man never stops from learning. Being hurt twice may keep a smart person from committing the same mistake. Whilst, the wise one is more than willing to take the risk several times, using a new technique and calculation. Because, life is not a jail where every step is limited and every action is being studied.

Our mission in this life is not to count how many times we fail or fall.Neither how many dreams we already achieved or how many goals are still left for us to chase. We do exist with a purpose, try searching yours now, and start a life. Again,life is not a jail of misery, but definitely, a prison of love.

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  • ashutoshd dwivedi  27-01-2015

    life is to be respected and thus we have to be all sincere to face it with brave.

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  • suni51  27-01-2015

    Why can't  read the whole article as half of it is under the cover of your bio and details 

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