Let Us Talk About This Photo “my Daddy Wants A Boy, But I Am A Girl”

I want to share this photo of cruelty, child abuse, barbaric act or whatever you may call this. Check the photo and see for yourself to know what I mean. Speak what is on your mind and share what you feel.


check the photo:


This picture of an innocent little angel had a caption below when I saw from my social site profile page. The caption says, “My dad wants a boy, but I am a girl”. Pardon me dear readers, as we know what particular countries where some parents prefer a son than a daughter. Let me clear, a parent, particularly

a father dying for a son and cursed when a daughter comes. I know this might be happening in some remote places and not all over one particular country. Places wherein women’s freedom were gagged like prisoners of war.

I cannot understand one thing, why they resist having a girl child when these fathers has a wife, sister, mother who are girls by gender. If these fathers never want to have a girl child, then they should restrict themselves from marrying, or else make themselves marry same
gender. Sorry, I am not promoting abomination here, but made me sick thinking how these men marry a girl when they cursed having a daughter. Imagine if they keep avoiding girl child by killing, abortion and beating to death and everyone wants a boy child. Will those boys of next generation marry same gender due to women’s shortage, or those boys will kill their parents?

I know child abuse does not only happen due to this reason “unwanted girl child”. Child abuse happens everywhere due to other reason and should be watched and reported to authorities. Children should be given protection for they are not capable to defend themselves from abusive people around them. Remember that, every child is special, a representation of life’s mystery and miracle. It is not their choice to be born, and if given the chance, they will never choose a parent who cannot accept a girl child.

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