Young Lady, Not A Woman

She’s sweet, young, full of life, hopes and dreams. We called her Barbie as she looks like one.


When a girl turns sixteen, she is starting to set aside the baby dolls she used to play with. She started to appreciate cute dress and no more ponytails mommy please. Her eyes start to twinkle like a star even at daytime. She hums a song unconsciously combing her hair, staring at her own image with confident and smiling with approval as she gaze how great she looks in her new statue.


She walks gracefully, no trace of that bubbly little bully. She speaks

so softly, wondering where that little cheeky walkie-talkie is. And when she laughs and giggles, this time with consciousness and in moderated volume as she squeaks. Her cheeks turns red when her crush passes by, unlike before, she blushes when she is shy.

This girl has turned into a young lady from a care-free child that never care how she looks after playing around in the neighborhood. Now you seldom sees her on the street unless she goes for a jog or went to buy something she needs. Her moves synchronized with her mind that made other people’s head turns and give her a second look as she walks by.

/> Who can never noticed such beauty born with natural essence from planet Venus encrypted with a goddess sign. Her magical face will surely mesmerize and can put you in trance if you stare at her for a long time. A lovely figure with magical sway as she turns around and say “hello”, will melt you guys, so, beware when looking into her eyes. She possess a spell, bound to spread love, once she leave a place marking her footsteps and promised happiness upon her return.

A young lady, soon to be a full-grown woman. She might have forgotten the childhood things for a moment as she faces the new season of her life. She embraces gratefully the wonders and changes she saw in her image, now that she trimmed down. Barbie you think you are a lady, but for us, you will remain the girly curly chocolate lover and pizza admirer. The girl who wish to own a white tiger but the truth is, she can’t even hold a kitty Garfield or touch a puppy Tazmanian.

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