Remedy For Cough And Fever

I fear of having dengue fever due to severe headache and fever for 2 days.

I fear of having dengue fever due to severe headache and fever for 2 days.

I am not feeling well for the past two days and I am having severe headache and fever. I ignore the thought of having dengue since my fever is not too high though my headache is too bad that it drives me to be in bed most of the time in a day. On the second day, I decided to see a doctor and have a check up. Tests done and I was advised to come again the next day for the follow up. The

doctor gave me prescription of Paracetamol for my fever and headache, which I did not buy. I hate taking commercial drugs as long as I can tolerate the pain and not a serious case.
On the following day, my headache subsides and I was having itchy and sore throat. It is clear to me that, it might be the cause of my headache and fever. I remember I was commuting for a whole week and forget about my allergies to dust and smoke.

So, I checked on alternative medicine on how to cure sore throat. Since my throat is too itchy, I was having dry

cough and it adds more pain to my sore throat. Here is what I got for alternative medicine or simply called home remedy medicines.

Onion- has pleiomeric chemicals, which is effective to cure sore throat.
Garlic- has antibiotic properties, antibacterial and antifungal.
Ginger- has antipyretic, antibacterial, analgesic and sedatives properties.
Vinegar – has powerful clotting agent and relieves headache.

I peeled off three pieces of medium onions, 5 cloves of garlic, a large chunk of ginger, washed, grind and chopped finely as I can, put in a glass container then add a cup full of vinegar. I added a tablespoon of brown sugar to add some sweetness and a teaspoon of rock salt. Let it stand for an hour and I started to sip.

Trust me, before the day ends, early that afternoon my phlegm starts to loose. My sore throat and headache gone and no more fever. I have cough yes, but it’s loose and not a dry one that gives me itchy and sore throat.

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