Kiss Today Goodbye

Kiss today goodbye and throw away all the sorrow. I wish you all the luck, same as you wish me too. But, let’s never regret what we did for love because love should never mean to say we are sorry.

Once we said goodbye to someone we love, it does not mean we are sorry. We should never feel sorry for a lost love, no matter how it hurts. There are relationships that may not mean to last forever. There are situation that seems all right from the start that suddenly broke in the middle. Sometimes there are people who give

us immeasurable love yet vanish in the event of unknown reason. Perfect situation that intentionally must go wrong and who are we to say no if set by the will of unseen power. All we can do is kiss today goodbye and wish each other good luck for the next day of our lives. We might cross each path again, so sorry is a not the right word to say.

Did you ask yourself what have you done to make love stay? If you think you, have done everything then why feel

sorry? People who feel sorry for love are the ones who never did everything towards the one they love. They feel sorry for words left unsaid and regret for things left undone. Some people say, you should spare a little for yourself and never give everything to the one you love. My question is, for what reason should I need to spare a little bit of me if I believe in unconditional love. How can you justify love for having condition and how can you ask why once love has gone if you haven’t done everything to make love stay.

I prefer to give everything I own than regretting things after. At least I can tell myself, I did my best for all I care. I might lose the love I have been waiting and longing for, but I can proudly express what I did for love. By the end of the day, I can say to anybody, I did not lose him, but he lost me.

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