The Kind Of Writer You Are

One is born a writer, the other becomes a writer and every writer has its own style. Commercial writers write for a living while expressive writers write to live.

I do not know how many types of writers are there, from columnist, article writers, novelists, poetry writers, business writers, ghostwriters etc. Every writer has their own style to attract particular readers. Every writer has its own specific artistry that a follower is looking for. In each category, there is a writer well known for his or her affectivity of capturing the readers’ desire and satisfaction. There is no magic to become

an effective writer in a chosen category; it only takes dedication and writing by heart to become one. Because a writer knows what category, he or she would like to belong.

Writing is a career if you choose to write commercially, but a writer by heart write to express his or her feelings in order to live. Some are naturally born a writer who can write with words overflowing from their heads. Born writers write with

emotions and the ability to envelop their readers inside their own world. They can make you dream, they can make you fantasize, hope and even inspired you to believe the impossible. These writers do not actually know what their readers want; they only write from their own experiences, observations and from their inner most feelings.

Anyone can be a good or the best writer in his or chosen category. It takes one to know his or her interest before starting one. Failure is not a hindrance; even the best writers of all time failed many times but never give up. Some writers are lucky to shine too fast, while others failed a hundred times before making a name. In every field, whether it is writing or not, everyone has its own perfect timing in the limelight. Wait for your turn, because once a writer will always be a writer and failure is not enough to destroy him or her.

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