Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday party is fun-filled and a carefree minds of playful innocent children. But this party looks like small ladies in the making.

She is cute she is pretty and she really is adorable. She turns seven last October 7, 2011 and celebrated her birthday yesterday despite heavy rain; the party is a memorable event she will surely remember.

She chooses my son as her escort and everyone is asking why of why when she has many cousins to choose on. But it is her choice and it is her birthday, who will oppose then, not even her aunt Honey who

happens to be the organizer and my bestfriend. Honey called and tells me about the matter and I am surprised, why my son. I told my son about the matter and
thu he is a bit hesitant, agreed to be the escort.

It is actually a kiddie birthday party, but looking at the small kids acting and dressed up like young teens I can’t believed my eyes and smile how time changed. This age (7 yrs old) acting like and dressed up lady like, do they think matured than their age too? I missed my childhood days when I am playing carefree, running here and there and never care how do I look like. But these kids, they’re too conscious with their looks and gracefully dances like princesses.

It is indeed a fun afternoon, fun and memorable day for the celebrant, family, friends and people around.

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