Reality Behind Reincarnation

Reincarnation as Merriam-Webster explain- rebirth in new bodies or form of life; in person, animals or plants as other people believed.

I am having a thought about reincarnation while watching a video from youtube of a boy relating his past life. The video is truly amazing and many speculations rose from everyone who ever watches the video, much more with the people who personally known the boy. I know there are lot of people out there who believe in reincarnation and I do not judge them for believing so. Good for the ones who live their lives doing good things in

fear that, they might reincarnate in an animal bodies if they will live a bad life, as form of punishment.

Now, here is one thing that made me think deeply. If reincarnation is true and if someone, who lives a bad life will reincarnate in an animal body as punishment, then why people these days are getting wilder and beast? Is their old life as an animal gives them this kind of behavior that make them live like animal

in human bodies? Come to think of it. If I lived my past life as an insect or animal, might be a tree and I was given the chance to rebirth and become a human once again, then, I will live my life as a good person. I will never wish to be punished and reincarnate as animal or a tree once I am dead. I bet no one wants to be punished and keep reincarnated as dog, cat or an oak tree. Who wants to be?

If reincarnation is true, that means, we existed since the world begun. How many lives we have passed or how many times we ever reincarnate till date. I cannot remember any of my past life during Jurassic Time or Stone Ages. I never had any memories with centuries ago, not having any flash back of past life being an animal or how it is to become a tree. Just thinking out loud guys, no offense meant.

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