June 30, 2012 End Of The World Says Another False Prophet And Prophecy

According to Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a self proclaimed prophet and recently claimed that he is god that the world will end on June 30, 2012. I even forgot about it and just remember when I saw that it’s already July 2, 2012 here in the Philippines.


The US based religious leader marked June 30, 2012 and says a tremendous earthquake will rake the whole world to the end. In 1998 Miranda claims he is Apostle Paul and soon took it to the higher level claiming he is also the son of god. Miranda called by his followers “daddy” promised

that on June 30, 2012 they will emerge with new body as the world ends. Miranda’s followers also had themselves tattooed with the number 666 which the Bible says as the number of the beast –Revelation 13:18.


It’s been two days here in the Philippines since the

pronouncement of the false doomsday from this fraud prophet. I have been checking the net for any updates from this man and never seen any. I wonder if Miranda had now joined Camping hiding from the media and people for further explanation. There are no news of Miranda’s followers if they still believe in him or this incident have opened their eyes about what kind of leader do they have. It’s not funny when these religious leaders scare their followers with false prediction and it’s not even fun for the followers who believe that the world would end on June 30, 2012.


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