Complicated Love

Why do people easily judge someone, particularly when it comes to love? Seeing a couple who looks incompatible, people easily jump into conclusion. Like for example: a handsome person with a not so pretty girl. An older woman with a younger guy, or a rich-poor status relationship.
When a battered wife stayed as martyr, the society pitied her for sure, but the gossipers talked like a righteous one behind her back after giving her comforting words. It is not love that made her stays in such a relationship enduring emotional and physical pain. Who can define and understand such kind

of love, who bears pain, humiliation and suffering. Can you measure such kind of love?


Adultery, as the most complicated issue in the field of love. Who can tell when wrong becomes precise, and when right things become wrong? Who can judge a heart who felt love? No one ever wish to love someone who is not eligible and free. No one ever wish to hurt her/his own

self- loving someone owned and claimed by the other person. No one ever wanted to be judge by the society for having elicited affair, moreover to disobey God’s commandment.


If it is wrong to love you, who am I to say, “I am sorry”. If it is wrong to love you who will come and tell me who I should love, and who is the right person?
If it is wrong to love you, why did you come into my life, and who can tell me why did you come into my life?

If it is wrong to love you, how did you know that I needed someone like you in my life?

How I wish I know the answer to all my questions, sad to say no one knows either.

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