Love Is Not Forever And Lovers Fade

 “I’m holding on too, together we will always be true, remembering each word from our heart as we promised now and forever”!

I wish I am lying next to you tonight so I can whisper the words that I want you to remember. Words from my heart telling that it’s worth spending my life alone with you. Just tell me you will be here with me too, so I have all the reason to wait forever. Never slips me like a drifting sand and hold me like there is no tomorrow. That faith is something that I never known before,

until you came into my dying world of uncertainty. The moment you look at me, you just took me as I am, making me love myself a little more. Who am I to turn away from your love that shining in my eyes?

I will follow where you lead for I know you will give me what I

need. A love that is always true, that will bring out the best of me. How will I say no, when you helped me find the rainbow behind the clouds of darkness. I never asked too much, I just want you near me and never go away. I know it is worth spending my life alone with you and you’re telling me something else. These are easy things to do because you have opened up your heart to me and showed me how deep our love could be. And I believed in you because I know I can do so much with you.

Therefore, I am leaving it up to you for I am a fool who can tell that we’re not through. That life is worth spending alone with you.

Article Written By juny

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