It Takes A Right Person To Make You Whole

Why keep holding on to a relationship that doesn’t work any good at all? Sometimes you need to let go of the wrong one to find the right person.


There’s no more reason left to keep holding on to someone who doesn’t show any care at all. All you need is closure so you can move on to the next level and stop crying over a spoiled hope. When love seems to cool and the other person displays no interest anymore, it is time to let go. Don’t worry about the pain, it will go as time passes by, but

to keep holding on with false fantasies is like a dungeon with no escape. Why punish yourself for injustice relationship and loving a person not worth keeping for. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the easiest way to find freedom.


Letting go of the wrong person is a parole from your

own prison without breaking any law. It is your will to set your own condition when to give yourself complete release from any sentence of love. You are not condemned to serve unfair and one sided affair. You deserve someone better who will treat you important without hesitation and someone who offers a love, protection from grief or distress. Someone you don’t need to impress because you are more than enough to complete his or her life. A perfect love can cover your imperfection with consideration and appreciation. It takes a right person to erase all the scars caused by the wrong one and to make you whole once more.


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