It Takes One Wrong Step To Erase A Hundred Good Deeds

Even the most generous person occasionally runs out of kindness when numerous people came and ask for help. How much more are the ones who have limited resources?


It is inevitable in life that sometimes we face scarcity. Sad to think that when you are at the brink of emergency and you seek help no one believes. Usually some may accuse you of being stingy or pretending bankruptcy particularly those people who always come and ask for your help. It is painful to think that in time of emergency you cannot assure any help from those people whom you have supported

and given favor in the past. Although you are not expecting any favor in return, it’s still hurt to realize how people easily forget and never knows how to consider your shortcomings.


The bitterest

part is when you become bad in the sight of other people by the time you cannot helped them because you yourself is also facing some emergency. For one instance that you cannot grant them, suddenly you become the worst person. For just one moment you declined their request, every good deeds you have done is all forgotten. Nevertheless you must understand them because they are acquainted of how generous you are then you cannot blame them for feeling so. Sometimes too much generosity is abused by many; therefore one must learn when and to draw line of limitations.


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