Iphone 4s Got One Million Pre-orders In A Single Day

Monday October 10, 2011Apple announced pre-orders of iPhone 4S have topped one million in a single day breaking the pre-order record of 600,000 held by iPhone .

Despite the record-breaking pre-orders of iPhone 4S, it is still hard to determine whether this new device will have stronger demands than the previous versions. The base model of the iPhone 4S costs $200, it has a faster processor and an improved camera than last year’s model. Although some customers and investors were disappointed that Apple did not launched a more radical new model still it breaks its own record in a single day.

It’s been a year since Apple released a new version and iPhone 5 is expected to have a new concept and would surpass the Apple innovation.

Apple also expanded it’s carriers particularly significant in the US where AT&T was the only carrier for

the iPhone last summer. Apple now tie up with other carriers such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp.
AT&T said more than 200,000 pre-orders called in for the iPhone 4S in the first 12 hours, making it the most successful iPhone launched in the company.
Sprint and Nextel Corp. also starts their pre-orders for the older version iPhone 4S 16GB since it is already out of stock and only available in the stores starting October 14, 2011. iPhone 4S 32GB and iPhone 4S 64GB are also available pre-orders.

Marketing experts says, the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs could also be a great contribution with the sales. Product designed by widely admired figures like Steve Jobs usually sees upsurge sales after their death.

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