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Clown- a picture of fun and happy faces, but how are they in real and private life?

Clown- a picture of fun and happy faces, but how are they in real and private life?

I am looking at Toffer and Bodjie as they are putting make up and painting their own faces. I ask them if I can took their pictures and feature them in my blog and they look at me with wide eyes. I told them, it’s fine since I am going to post their pictures with make up so no one will recognize them if that is what they fear of. Toffer said “no, it’s not our concern, our concern is, we will become an

instant celebrity so, will you please include our contact numbers please” and we all laughed.

ME: What’s the biggest challenge in your job, as people expect you to give them happiness and laughter, how sure you are that your audience are satisfied with your jokes and punch lines.

TOFFER: Kids are easy to entertain, even ordinary and corny jokes can make them laugh. Simple tricks and magic are enough to give them amazement.

BODJIE: Right, we have one unforgettable experience where in the celebrant is afraid of clown. We did everything to make the kid believed that we are real people. So, what we did is we tried to removed our make up in front of him and other kids. Since it’s not easy to removed the make up, Toffer and me helped each other. We asked for alcohol, cotton, and start wiping our make up. Other kids are laughing, but the celebrant cried more because we look scarier (hahaha). When we finally clean our face, the celebrant smiled and laugh upon seeing our real face.

ME: Wow, I know few kids are afraid of clowns and mascots, but I never thought you have real experienced with those kind.

TOFFER: It doesn’t stop there, the celebrant now proved that we are real, so, we ask him if we can put make up again and he said yes. Fine, we did from the start, spend half an hour applying make up and we only did the simplest make up since we don’t have much time. Then, we gone back to the party to start the games, the celebrant again screamed and cries.


But why, he is still afraid because of the make up?

BODJIE: Yes, the celebrant says, we’re another alien and not real like the two who removed their make up in front of him earlier.

TOFFER: Aha, because we changed our make up so the boy thought it’s not us and a different alien as he called clowns (hahaha) that was really a tough time.

ME: What happened then?

TOFFER: We then removed our make up again and proceed with the party wearing our natural faces.
(Hahahahahahaha, that was really a good laugh I have with these two guys)

ME: They said, funny people, like you, are the most sentimental and emotional people, what can you say about this kind of opinion.

BODJIE: Indeed, we are, we are bound to make other people laugh and no one is there to entertain us once we are sad and we need someone to cheer us.

TOFFER: Yes, because no matter how we tried to make each other cheer up, we cannot act naturally funny once we saw our buddy crying and in tears.

ME: Really?

Yes, making kids laugh or entertaining people is not easy. Clowns wears make up to look funnier and make us laugh in an occasion or in the street or malls to attract kids and adults. They wear smiles and always ready to make people laugh, there is no place for sadness or personal problem each time they perform and do their job. But, real people are hiding those masks and make up waiting to burst out in tears once they are alone and without make up.

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