Interlude Of Internet Love

If you are looking for love, you may find your destiny from different dating sites on the net. If you are lucky enough, you can find through social sites and even from earning sites online.

Love comes from the most unexpected places and internet is one of it. In this new era, not all marriages are made from heaven, but some are made from the power of internet. Yes, if you are looking for love and you cannot find one from your neighborhood or nearby city, you do not need to travel around the world to find true love. Love is

just a click away right on the tip of your finger. You can choose from different dating sites, different countries of your preferences. If you are a member of any earning sites, you might find someone that suits your taste. If you have account with social sites, perhaps you can easily choose from your friend’s lists or someone from a common friend. You may even find love without searching; sometimes it happens unknowingly beyond your prediction.

Is there probability of finding true love from internet? I believed there

is and I have seen a few of success stories about finding love on the net. Finding love from the net is not by far the same like finding love in an unexpected place, event and time. If there are cases of failed internet love stories it does not mean that internet love is not real. Even arrange marriages known as “marriage made in heaven” also have records of failed relationships and nothing is perfect that last eternally. In real life, there are cheaters, pretenders and liars. Same people the internet introduces, some are good, some are bad and some are wearing a mask. Nevertheless, one thing is sure, when love knocks in your heart, it does not matter if it is through internet or a knock from someone who lives near by your side.

 Because love knows no boundaries, knows no distance and love can fly without wings to meet someone from North, East, West or South.


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