Interesting Usage Of Condom –an Update

Months ago I wrote and posted an article with this title “Discover the Ultimate use of condom”. Now I have come to know another interesting usage of condom, keep reading guys.

My previous article revealed how condoms help us to secure our gadgets. To avoid confusion what kind of gadgets I am referring with kindly check the link of my previous article (I will post it below). In relation to my previous article regarding the ultimate use of condom, here comes another interesting usage of condom when calamity strikes. Safe and clean water are one of the main problems in most

evacuation centers. Drinking water supply usually is limited; therefore to avoid babies and toddlers from dehydration medics gives them powdered dextrose. But what if there are no clean feeding bottles available? We must consider the fact this is an emergency case, drinking water is limited and no safe water to wash feeding bottles either.

So what’s the best option in times like this? Your guess is as good as mine.


Yes, condom and please don’t laugh out

loud guys. According to Mr. Jerry Carual President of Search and Rescue Unit Foundation Inc. Philippines, condom is safe to use also convenient for rescuers to pack along with other medical and rescue supplies. Dissolve the powdered dextrose and use the condom as feeding bottle. Prick the end to make a whole enough for the milk to pass through. Try to press the end to ensure that the whole is enough for the baby to suck (not to choke the baby). So, mommies out there take note of this interesting use of condom as an alternative for sterilizing feeding bottles. Include condoms along with your baby’s kit while on travel (in case of emergency).


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