Intent Of The Heart

Promises are made to be broken but for a heart that never knows the word lie a promise is divine word made to fulfill without dejection.


An honest heart who made a promise never intends to break someone.
His/her heart desires to fulfill a promise made, but for some reason he/she failed.
It is the "intent of the heart" that matters when making a promise.
The desire to fulfill is always there to honor thy promise and become real.

As for a loving heart and full of understanding, whatever reason why a promise failed is not enough to distrust that someone.

he/she knows the “intent of the heart" of the person who made a promise.
He/she knows and believes that a promise once made consummate the real intent of the heart.

How great and kind a heart do

have such faith to consider a promise consummated once it is said, yet undone!

For those who believe that heart is the most deceitful of all deceivers
How could you oppose to a loving heart that never gave up trusting a promise made to be broken?
How could you deny love from a person who never accepts defeat when there is ray of hope?For many reasons in different seasons, love is great if you only knew the value of promise made.


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