Ignorance Of The Law Is Not An Excuse

Which is harder to follow?
To follow and obey rules known, or to do things out of ignorance?

What is ignorance means according to Merriam-Webster?
Ignorance- the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

Despite extensive development of knowledge, there are still areas in the corners of the world wherein modernization have not reached. Those people who are not aware or have not been reached with modern technologies are called ignorant or uneducated are excused and should not be blamed for being so. It is not their fault; neither have they chosen to be undated. However,

those who are aware and knowledgeable, the word ignorance is simply not reason for an escape for wrongdoings- but in reality, this is the common reason people used to escape from punishment.

Let us say for example, if you are a driver-, you ought to know the traffic rules and every detail of road violations. In such a way, a driver may prevent violating rules and accidents. A seasoned traveler would be wise to heed what nature indicates before he starts his journey. A seafarer analyzes the ocean’s condition first before sailing. While a mountain climber determined beforehand the risks before

he performs his first step. Each of us has its own educational knowledge. Make use of our knowledge the right way and avoid being arrogant that will spare us from any destruction.

Compliance with the law is easier than breaking the rules. Therefore, just sometimes in unavoidable circumstances people violate a rule whether unconsciously or not. Still it is not enough reason to say or excuse ignorance, especially someone with wisdom. Even the nature teaches us wisdom if we only give some time to understand and observe as the season changed. Do we not need to wear thick clothing during winter season and wore light dresses on summer time? Likewise in life, take time to learn from our surroundings and learn to admit our mistakes- then we cannot be ignorant in any fields.


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