If You Think You Are Highly Educated

Too much pride usually leads to disgrace and shameful situation. Little knowledge is not enough to boast and brag oneself. Eventually you might end going home towing your tail in disgraceful manner.


There are people who learned a little from different things that exceeded egoism on their system. It is good for anyone to know little on everything if it is used in the right way. It is also difficult for someone else who doesn’t have any knowledge even with little things if it matters in this life. Because knowledge is not only learned from school and doesn’t stopped after one

graduated from university. Knowledge is learned from many things and from different experiences in life. Usually life experiences teach better than what is learned from school or read from any books. Because facts of life are more easily understood even by someone who is ignorant or what the society called illiterate.


Nevertheless one funny truth is, those who are highly educated ones turn out more ignorant due

to their out of place egoism and it is hard for them to admit this truth. Because they consider themselves robust and cannot do anything wrong. They display too much arrogance and pride with people who are less educated. They assumed too much without knowing that sometimes less educated people are much better than they are when it comes to wisdom. Because less educated or ignorant people are humble, valued and respect everyone. While most educated people only showed respect to other people who are in higher position than they are. Now, who do you think you are well educated when it comes to learning? This is just a mirror, look at yourself and tries to figure out where you belong because no one is pointing a finger on you.


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