When You Are Dying Suddenly, Everyone Will Love You

We often neglect people who love and cared for us. Sometimes we took for granted those people who give us importance. When will you realize they also need a little of your time?

We have priorities in life; you have work that you need to finish before deadlines. She is busy with her studies and home works. He is seldom around due to his dual function at work. Their schedule is too complicated and no time to rest. Everyone is busy and I feel ignored, rejected and neglected. I felt alone when I needed someone to talk or someone to keep

me company watching a new release movie of my favorite star. No one seems to care when I want to share something funny. They all have reasons every time I ask for a dine out, or a stroll in the park. Am I demanding too much guys, or everyone is selfish?

I thought your company never allows an emergency leave, why you are here, since when does you company changed the rules? How about you, you have deadlines to meet and you might lose that opportunity for a higher position. Why everyone is here? You’re all supposed to be at your work and I don’t have time to watch a movie or stroll around. I am not in any mood to share funny things either, I am tired and I want to rest. Did my doctor forget to tell that I am not allowed to entertain guests for hours? I appreciate your visit guys, however, my time is limited and sorry to tell you that, this time it’s my turn to turn down any of your invite. Go back to your

daily routine and spare any of your remaining free time on my funeral.

When you are dying, suddenly everyone loves you. Suddenly they have time for you, but sad, you don’t have time for them anymore because you are now a prisoner in bed. They want to make up from their shortcomings, but it’s too late. So, why should we allow these things to happen? How many times did you reject a friend’s invitation, or when a love one asks for a short talk? How many times you ignored someone special when s/he asks for sorry and begs for a kiss. How many times you neglect a relative asking for a simple favor. How many times you turn down your buddies when they invited you for a bonding.

Come on; call your loved ones, friends and all those people who love you. Tell them you are free and ask them for an outing. Never wait for the time when any of your loved one is dying and you don’t have any chance to bring them somewhere they want. This is the right time to show you love and cared for them. Make them feel that you never took anyone for granted, yet they are your top priorities. Regret is not always at the end, if you start to fulfill things right this moment. You can always find another job if ever you are fired. But, you can never find a total replacement once you lost someone you love.

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