A Dream Is My Inspiration

Inspired from my beloved Andrea Bocelli song with the title “Someone Like You”.

A dream never remains a dream for those who believe. No matter how impossible it is for other people who see that dream is only for those who believe and lives in fantasy. Nothing can stop nor hinder a true love finding that someone whose heart believes that love knows no boundaries.

“There’s a wind that blows,
It’s calling your name
And it speaks to me, again and again
Telling me to go to her,
Don’t let her go.
Hold her close to you, then you will know

meaning of love,
Exactly what is all about
The feeling that I get, when I can’t forget
Everything that makes me want to
That’s how deep it goes,
All I really know is that
I love you so
And if it’s the only thing I ever do
Then I knew it’s true
That I should love someone like you”


Did you ever dream finding someone to love, does it remains a dream? Or did you dream to love someone and find your way to make it real?
I wish to love someone in real, thu I know it will remain a dream. However, I love him for real and not just a dream (^_^)

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