Times That We Need To Tell A Lie

We can always tell lies and mastered the emotions blankly to hide lies from detection. But, why, why the need to lie when the truth is always there?


There are times that we need to tell a lie for good reasons and I don’t want to elaborate on that matter, it’s not my subject here. When it comes to love, is there a need to lie and ignore our heart from what we feel? Do we need to keep the feelings or confess it to the one we love whether we know it might cause some trouble or confusion? Regardless of

situation, let’s not be judgmental rather be realistic when it comes to love matters. We fall in love to someone without knowing the status of that particular person. Should we keep the feelings untold after knowing the person is committed? I agree it is a must, however, we can keep the love for ourselves and love that person in our own special way. Without his/her knowledge and slowly let the feeling dies naturally aint?


It’s easier said than done, I know, I sounds so professional when it comes to holding on

with personal feelings and emotions, but damn! I am much dumb and fool when it comes to my own feelings. Maybe I am too good to pretend but not hypocrite. I wish I am good when it comes to denying, but my eyes can’t and it always betrays my heart when it is time for confrontation. All I know is to take a deep breath and sigh, wanting to disappear in mid-air to avoid revelation. I want to close my eyes that in a moment I open it, wish you were not there and wish you were not real. The more I want to eliminate you from my mind, the more you cling to my heart.Why I just c an’t get you out of my mind.

 Yes, I love you, I want to tell you lie but my heart can’t so I decided why should I?

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