Fairy Tales Or Love Stories

If one day you stopped believing in fairy tales and think, that love is not the right thing for you in this life. Then, all of the sudden you woke up one morning and realized you are in love.

When was the last time you watch a love story and fell in love with the plot or the leading star that you watch it again for the second time feeling love filled within you? Do you still listen to your favorite love songs and let the memories flash back with smile on your lips? Do you still keep those photographs to

remind you of pain, or to remind you that love is not the right thing for you in this life? Its time to moved on and get out from the darkness that you were hiding; love is waiting outside for you to claim.

I have been through that same rocky road of unanswered question and thought that love is not mine to call my own. I never searched love, but I never hide either without hoping for a new one to arrive. No, I never wish for the past love to come back, the past is a closed book of great lessons reminding me not to commit the same mistake. Now I can watch love stories again without relating myself with the plot, though I still cry with sad scenes, yet, I can smile and laugh with comedy too. I can listen to my favorite love

songs and sing with it without pain. Memories of the past give me no regrets and I never wish to turn back the hand time to correct what has been done. Yah, I never look for a new love to keep me alive. I stand tall to be respected, after all; I know I made it through the rain, through the storm.

Until that first hello, suddenly life has new meaning to me. I woke up one morning and I feel that love found me. I searched myself I might be dreaming or in trance, but you smiled with tender look saying “I am real, I am love”. Telling me there’s beauty somewhere that I have never been before that I need to know and explore. You said, there are things I have never noticed that, one thousand words are not enough to say once I get to know and feel the moment you showed me where love has gone. I wake up each day feeling the same, surprised, amazed, and feeling your presence enveloped my world. I do not want to ask why anymore, for all I know I love this idea. Yes, I love knowing that one morning I woke up and suddenly, “I am in love with you”.


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