I Wish You Are Just A Dream

Why do we always hurt the one’s we love? This is a famous question without a definite answer.
 Knowing that, we never wanted to hurt the one’s we love, thu it happens.

To realize how much they mean once we lost ONE.
Someone says, we have to let go of the other for a new love to come. Does it mean that losing someone is giving a chance for a better love to come?
If that is the case, then, I will save my tears for the last man that will make me feel I am the ONE!



I wish you are just a dream, then, it would be easier for me to forget your trace.
I wish you only live in my dream, and not in this life of real.
I wish  our roads never crossed when it only leads to an end.
So no one’s heart is in pain, no eyes in tears and no question left unanswered.


Who wish to lose someone who once made

you special?
Who wish to see someone walks out the door, and leave you in-despair?
Who wish to say goodbye to someone that once give you the meaning of life?
Who wish to end a love that made me realized that fantasy do exists!


When love is not real, who will believe in fantasy and fairy tales?
When love is not real, who will chase the rainbow and promise to cross the deepest sea?
When love is not real, who will climb the highest mountain and pick the stars from the skies?
When love is not real, who are Romeo and Juliet and who am I to you my love?



6-12-2012 2:04am Tuesday 

Article Written By juny

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