Sir, Can I Marry Your Daughter

Sir, I'm a bit nervous
About being here today
Still not real sure what I'm going to say
So bear with me please
If I take up too much of your time.
See in this box is a ring for your oldest.
She's my everything and all that I know is
It would be such a relief if I knew that we were on the same side
Cause very soon I'm hoping that I...

Can marry your daughter
And make her my wife
I want her to be the only girl that I love for the rest of my life

/> And give her the best of me 'til the day that I die, yeah
I'm gonna marry your princess
And make her my queen
She'll be the most beautiful bride that I've ever seen
I can't wait to smile
When she walks down the aisle
On the arm of her father
On the day that I marry your daughter

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The lyrics are so touchy that I can’t help feeling sad and bad. I remember the old days reminiscing walking through the aisle holding my dad’s hands taking me to the altar where the man

of my life is waiting for me. Fragments of yesterday played in my mind while listening to this song. The excitement while waiting for the proposal and grasping the moment when finally it came true. The promise and vow to live till death, the kiss of life to hold forever. Those were memories of unbeaten path of the past.
The song simply relives once truth in my life and every life of married women how excitement and how happiness filled their hearts. Lucky are those ones whose married life last with their vows as they promised as it was. For once in a lifetime, they say “one perfect love comes your way”, I knew from my heart, that it’s true and I am waiting for the right and perfect YOU.

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