In Each Round Of Our Lives


I LOVE YOU                   


In each round of our lives,
There is a time to say adieu.
No matter how we fight for someone to stay,
No effort is wasted for a heart that believes.


With a little time remains,
Let me tell you “ I love you”
Let me kiss you once again,
With hopes, this is not the end.             



this moment is not enough for us, and
As long as there is faith in our heart,
I promise I will stay, I love you and
I will love you until my

dying day.

Give me a place in your heart where I can cry, laugh and share my feelings with you. Then I can assure, you will never misunderstand my way of loving you.
Give me a space in your heart where I can share my emotions with you. Give me a room where I can make you feel the passion and desires my heart longed to share with you.
I love you and you know it’s true.

Article Written By juny

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