Panda Or Giant Panda Is A Native Bear

Panda or giant panda is a native bear in central-western and south-western China. The distinctively large black patches around the eyes and ears made them looks very cute and lovely.

Many kids loves panda, panda stuff toys due to it’s large black patches around the eyes and ears that made them looks very cute and lovely. This giant panda are known to eat only bamboos but still has the digestive system of carnivore. They also eat birds, rodent or carrion and other wild tubers and grasses. However, panda’s diet is 99% of bamboo. The average giant panda consumes 9 to 14

kilograms of bamboo shoots a day (20-30 pounds). Pandas eat any of twenty-five bamboo species in the wild and in the forest. Bamboo leaves contains the highest level of protein and stems has lesser.
Panda can defacate 40 times in a day.


Giant panda has the typical body shape of bear. It is easily recognized from the large black patches around the eyes and ears. The giant panda paw has a thumb and five fingers, which helps the panda to hold the bamboo while eating. The giant panda’s tail measure 10-15 cm long (4-6 inches) and second to longest tail in the bear family. Sloth bear has the longest tail in bear family. Panda’s life span is 20 years in the wild and 30 years in captivity. Giant panda generally are solitary animal. Social encounters only occur during the brief breeding season and after mating, the male leaves the female alone to raise the cub.

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