I Just Want Our Love To Carry On

Sometimes I feel that losing you is getting near, who can I trust now? Should I give up love or should I take your love for granted? You know I need you more than you’ll ever know.


I don’t want those nights of fears
It’s been taking me so long
I need to make this choice on my own
And I want our love to carry on


Sometimes I fear of losing you
It seems so near it drives me insane

something is not right tell me if I’m wrong
I still want our love to carry on


Don’t run away, let this love come in
I feel close to you now
Through pages of life we both dream
And let our love to carry on


The answer

won’t come if we don’t ask
I’m taking all the chance before it begins
I am taking all the chance before it’s gone
Making sure our love will carry on


I just want our love to carry on
Every chance I will give myself to you
No one I can trust my love but you
Your love is all I need to carry on


7:44pm Sunday

Article Written By juny

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