I Know Why You Love Me

You never said the word I love you, but your actions speaks louder than what you do.

You never said the word I love you, but your actions speaks louder than what you do.

He never said I love you and its fine. He is not used to saying those words, not his way of showing his love anyway. Like the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words” and this applies to him perfectly right. I never knew it is even sweeter that makes me giggle like a teenager (blushing). Maybe my sentimental foolish pride wants to hear him say I love you that I longed for a year. Was that a year now my love? Now I

changed my mind, yes, never mind those words “I love you” his action and gesture filled whatever emotion I am looking for.

I have this sure feeling, I am holding his heart. No matter how he is tired, no matter how he feels sad for my bad behavior yet, he never let the night end without making me smile. This happens after an argument, which actually is not an argument. Blame my bad mood or much better to admit, my

jealousy without any valid reason. Duh! Don’t I have the right to feel jealous, or was it wrong to feel that way? I know there is no justification for feeling so, but please, I can’t help it. I know he understands and trying to read me more, that gives me assurance I am holding his heart.

I want to congratulate myself for having him in my life. I never searched for him, but he comes at the right time. He never offered himself, but I asked him to be mine. He never asks anything, yet I am giving all what I can give. He never asks for more and he owns me totally. He never looks at my imperfection but he is proud of me. He never said I love you but his actions are worth more than what I wanted to hear. Yes, I am holding his heart and he builds my life complete.

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