An Early Breakfast Meeting Incident

Sleepy dreamy eyes made me look like a manager, what a good laugh ?

Had an early breakfast meeting with the marketing department yesterday and after the meeting my friend asks me to wait for her in her office. She still has a brief discussion with the other staff so; I proceed to her office to wait for her. I was comfortably sitting with my legs on top of the center table when her secretary knocks the door and sleepily I looked at her and smiled.

She stepped inside and put down a folder at my friend’s table, and asks me if

I want a cup of coffee. I say yes and stand up to do some stretching, when my eyes caught a glimpse of the folder on top of my friend’s table.

I can see it is a resume and “dang” with curiosity I open the office door

to check the applicant or any applicants coming. Then, a young man stands up too fast, greeted me “good morning ma’m”, and extended his hand for a shake hands. Out of surprise, I took his hand and we shook hands. The young man introduces himself and expresses his aim for coming. It was then my friend’s secretary came with a cup of coffee and I excuse myself and follow my friend’s secretary inside the office.

Soon as I entered the office, I cannot control myself to laugh and tell to my friend’s secretary what happened and she laughed. I asked her “do I look like a manager?” and again we both laugh.

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