I Am Not Born A Writer But Experiences Made Me Write My Own Piece

I write stylish series of love poems and make my readers fall in love. I define love in many ways and make lovers participate. Therefore, who can tell that deep inside every love story that I wrote there lies a naked truth. This creative writer literally is loveless and still searching the love that she once lost in the midst of emptiness while trying to connect with the missing link. I may not be the best when it comes to love definition and needs more practice to perfect the love's expression. Yes, I am not born a writer but experiences

mold patterned phrases in my mind, impressed by pain and trained by time.

Look at me and see if you can read that there is loneliness in my face. Stare deep in my eyes if you can find sorrow shadowing the glow inside my mind. The black eyelashes are not thick but enough to hide the tears of madness hanging between the laughter and the cheers. The arching brows draw the lines of confidence to cheat the

weary soul of elusive dreams. All you see is a blooming image of contentment but eventually an illusion of beauty covered with clouds and mystic darkness. A face expressing a thousand emotions, hallowed by experiences, deceived with hollow happiness.

These captivating brown eyes seem to penetrate every glimpse of a passive spectator. However, behind that covetous stare hides a betrayed heart, anguish and grieving. A heart full of love, offering a promise of a lifetime but so unlucky there is no one to adore. Therefore, here I am writing to interpret, share and spread a contagious love for the whole world to grasp what is left. With anticipation that somewhere out there, there is a paradise waiting in harmony for a creative writer like me. Maybe someone reading out there knows the way where to find the missing link that I lost midway to eternity.


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