I Am Your Simple Neighbor Around The Corner

I am your simple neighbor around the corner, sitting in small room watching passersby. Smiling having thoughts, dreaming of simple life.

I am just a simple girl, with simple wishes and dreams. I only wish to have a mansion up on the hill overlooking a lake. I never dream to have a boat; a yacht is fine to bring me from port to port. I won’t ask for a plane to see the world, a private jet is much comfy to have a privacy with you. No, I never wish to wear a diamond ring, a simple one worth a million

dollar is enough to make me feel like a queen. I don’t like big gatherings, but you can take me a castle for ball tonight.

Honestly, are you a simple person? Dreaming of big things is not bad anyway. They say, when you dream, make it big, it’s free so why limit your dreams. Yes, why limit your dreams when you can experience all the impossible through it. But, don’t let dreams make you sleep, or else, you will end up dreaming all

your life believing you are living with your dreams in reality. To dream is to make us feel what we are missing in our life. To reach places we have never been, and experience how it is to be a queen.

I have dreams too; I have hopes and wishes in life. Not too big, not too simple, some complicated some special, some funny and some wild. At least I dream while sitting staring blankly a thing. I sometimes laugh at myself with what I dream and chuckle waking myself “hey, come back to reality”. Dream high but never let that dream bring you to cloud nine instantly. Dream and make each dream come true slowly soaring high, to taste the bitterest trial as challenged and your stairs.
How high you dream, is not what matters. It is how you hold your faith believing yourself you can reach without stepping one’s ego, without hurting anyone and without leaving someone behind.

Article Written By juny

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