How To Measure The Value Of A Person?

A person is not a material possession that measured from its durability and replaced by showing the warranty seal. However, there are different ways to measure the value of a person through the eyes society versus the innocent eyes of a child.

Some people check how strong you are like checking an appliance or machinery how durable it is. Others consider you like a decoration that should look beautiful for the viewers, like a jewelry that must be genuine and not an imitation. While other people measure you from your achievements like a branded product popular from its kind. Other people

observe you like a whitening lotion or slimming tea for its effectiveness. Maybe some consider you like a latest gadget with new features and how exciting to have one. Fine, people measured a person like stuff and that is somehow true.

How about the society, how they appraise your value as human being and a person you are. Maybe by your profession, your educational attainment and by your office position, the society will look upon you with neither dignity nor pride. The society maybe salutes your assets and

possessions. They admire your intelligence, envy your marketing strategies and praise your smart ideas. The whole community is talking your name like a newly introduced innovation from a multi-national company. Your value been measured from what a naked eyes saw, from your visible deeds and words you say. It is better than stuff or an appliance anyway.

How about in the eyes of an innocent child, what do you think your value means to them? From a child who never knows wealth or branded products, do you think you are kind enough? An innocent child who does not understand the value of jewelry and sees everything is beautiful; do you think you are lovable to them? Your child who never knows multi-national business, have you given enough time to make them feel they are worth more than anything the world can give? It is not how successful or how popular you are to other people, but how you make your loved ones feel their importance.


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