How To Make Your Towel Looks Delicious

Sounds confusing, yeah it does and you will be more confused once you see these delicious looking towels. Mind you, these are fun give-away idea for wedding, birthday, reunion and other special occasions.


I was searching for arts and other handicrafts when I stumble on these photos. At first, I thought these are audible things and it caught my interest upon checking it’s all made up from towel, hand towel or towelette. These things look cute and very crafty. I can even suggest these are best for give-away such as wedding, birthday, reunion and other special occasions. All you need is

to add a bit of design, like ribbon of different colors, paper cut outs, styro foam, etc.

check the photos:


The simplest and easiest is the lollipop towel design. As you can see from the photo, you only need a stick, a plastic cover and bits of paper cut outs and ribbons for additional designs. The cup cake towel design is also simple but you need a box with a plastic cover for packaging. The towel shake design looks cool and cups are available from groceries or party

needs store, no hassle at all. Check the towel cake design; you can make a lot of fancy designs for weddings, baptismal, baby showers and birthdays.

I hope you got a new idea next time you throw a party for your kids. I am not suggesting you to get marry again for the sake of these towel design give away, but, if you are planning to get marry, consider this from your choices. Maybe you can also add your own design or create another design aside from cake, cupcake, shake and lollipop. How about a candy, chocolate bar, ice cream, pizza and hamburger towel design, not a bad idea huh? Whatever, I am sure this is really cool and a fun idea of give-away.

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